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Illinois Eckankar Light & Sound Services

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You are warmly invited to attend the Eckankar Light & Sound Services

2017 ECK Light & Sound Service Themes
Temple in Sky
May ECK Light & Sound Service:

Topic: Dreams: Divine Guidance in Everyday Life

"Remember to ask, 'What do I do now?' and listen again. Then wait and watch for the Holy Spirit to open a way for you to go to the next step in your spiritual life."

—Harold Klemp, The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14, page 132
June ECK Light & Sound Service:

Topic: Karma: God's Love in Action

"How do we treat God's creatures? How do we treat other people? How do we treat ourselves? How do we act? How do we think? "The law of life known as the Law of Karma is the great teacher. As you sow, so shall ye reap. It's not a vindictive law; it’s a law designed to open the heart to love and understanding."

—Harold Klemp, Vk, page 89

You are welcome to join us at any of these ECK Light & Sound Services in Illinois:
Chicago - South, Downers Grove, Moline, Joliet, & Rockford.

Check out the Illinois Calendar of Events link below for an ECK Light & Sound Service closest to you.

Illinois Calendar of Events

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